Er Döküm Makina Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Er Döküm Makine Sanayi was founded in Istanbul Kartal in 1974 by Ertan Cüceloğlu, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and since December 2014, it has been continuing its production process in the Tuzla area of Istanbul on an area of 7.000 m². Er Dokum Makina Sanayi ve Anonim Sirketi was established in 1993 in order to carry out marketing and sales activities of Er Dokum Makina Sanayi's products.
Our company is registered to Istanbul Chamber of Industry and Commerce, has TSE Manufacturing Qualification Certificate since 1988, ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate since 1996, ISO / TS 16946 Quality System Certificate since 2005 and since 2006 It has ISO 14001 Environmental Certificate. As a result of quality system and process audits, one of the leading industrial organizations of our country, it has obtained the qualification of manufacturing and quality system.
We export aluminum casting parts directly to various locations in Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Sweden, Japan and America. After casting, leveling, sandblasting, parts washing, polishing, impregnation and heat treatment processes are applied. Leak testing, penetration testing (crack testing), mechanical testing and raw material acceptance testing (chemical analysis, sand analysis and hardness measurement) are successfully carried out in our company's laboratories. Our company is capable of producing parts weighing from 50 gr to 500 kg, 100% leak proof and resistant to 220 bar pressure.
Electronic communication tools are used in communication with our customers, suppliers and in-house communication. Our company, together with our suppliers, is capable of manufacturing finished parts with all operations completed. Our company, which has the capacity to produce parts of the desired standard for Foreign and Domestic Industry, is aware of the responsibility together with all its employees in order to provide the best service.

Quality policy

Ensuring the necessary horizontal and vertical coordination in the management organization in line with the requirements of TS ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and AS 9100 and ISO 14001 Standards, obtaining long-term permanent market through team work, continuously improving our quality system towards total quality management;
To ensure the satisfaction of our customers by providing quality products and services that meet the legal regulations, standards, organizations and customer requirements;
Increasing our competitiveness in aluminum casting field by providing satisfaction for our employees and suppliers;
Together with our suppliers, to meet the conditions that exceed customer expectations to produce quality and ensure timely delivery, in all our aluminum casting products;
To create the necessary resources to ensure the continuity of service and product quality, to make investments by making rational use of all resources, to develop consciously with respect to the environment and nature;
are the Quality Policy of our organization.

Environmental policy

As Er Döküm Management and Employees, our factory, which serves as Aluminum Casting Plant in accordance with ISO 140001 Standards, has adopted the principle of reducing environmental pollution, increasing efficiency and quality.
• Reducing energy use,
• Minimizing waste from processes and preventing pollution,
• Compliance with the applicable environmental legal regulations,
• Ensuring the re-use of our recyclable wastes,
• Reducing Air Pollution,
• Raising and disseminating the awareness of the personnel to the environment, occupational health and safety,
• Continuous improvement of environmental goals and targets is among our commitments.
            This policy will be maintained within the scope of "Total Quality Management" by all company employees along with the Company Quality Policy.

Our Vision and Mission

To be a reliable and always preferred company which always meets the needs of our customers in aluminum casting parts, producing solutions to their problems.
To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, employees and suppliers. Always being preferred, being referenced and being sensitive to its environment.
To be the best for us.